Leading from within

We are a group of coaches and advisors, who specialize in transforming leadership at three levels: leading change, leading people, and leading your own life.  boas started as a one-woman business back in 1987, and has since blossomed into a thriving community of peers, working globally to support an ethos of co-creation. 

Present. Open. Honest. Astute. A professional coach challenges your behaviour and thinking, whilst accepting you unconditionally as a person. 

With a boas coach, the process is more than just a powerful conversation. We make the learning holistic by combining mindfulness, movement, and being at one with nature. This awakens new awareness and possibilities within yourself. The result is a fresh outlook. Healthy team dynamics. Effective working practices. Renewal of the very spirit of your organisation. 

Based on the boas tools for transformation, we design innovative programs in response to your needs. From the minute you take your place in a boas workshop, you experience how deep listening and transparent sharing give rise to conscious and lasting change. 

Here, you can explore our work, connect with us, and request anything from an individual coaching session to a corporate program. We would love you to experience the different forms of our work and how they all come together in our signature service: Leading From Within®. Join the collective journey and discover what it means for you.

boas... transforming leadership since 1987

"Sara Boas embodies all the elements in the way she leads a group. The wide spectrum of her skills and sensitivities enable her to identify each manager's needs, strengths and potential. Even those who have an initial barrier to in-depth reflection open up easily and gain insight "

Klaus Bodel
former Global Management Development
BMW Group

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