metavision for coaches

The boas approach to supervision and mentor coaching.  

What is metavision®?   

boas provides expert supervision for professional coaches and consultants. We call this process metavision, ‘meta’ meaning beyond or transcending. The metavision dialogue enables you to see beyond your initial perspective, transcend limitations within your coaching approach, deepen your understanding and enrich the value of your work. metavision is available for coaches at all stages. Whether you are a manager making your first steps in coaching, the owner of an established professional practice, or a world renowned coaching authority, metavision provides a confidential dialogue to support your continuing growth. For those wishing to apply for credentials with the International Coach Federation or other credentialing bodies, metavision can fulfil your mentor coaching requirements. We also provide guidance as you prepare for your credentialing application and examinations.  

What are the benefits? 

boas metavision raises the quality of your coaching and stimulates your continuous learning and development. During your sessions, you will:  

refine and cultivate your unique coaching style
reflect in detail on recent client sessions
clarify your key strengths as a coach
identify and address your professional development needs
become aware of underlying dynamics in your coaching relationships
learn from here-and-now interactions within the metavision session
understand how you co-create themes with your clients
prepare yourself for upcoming client sessions
exercise and deepen your coaching skills
plan and implement your continuing coach training and credentialing
assess and raise the ethical standards of your coaching practice

How does it work?   

The details of your metavision will be tailored to your individual needs. Session length varies from an hour up to a full day. The frequency of your sessions may be weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or quarterly. Whilst most sessions are online, you may work face to face. Face to face sessions are at one of our dedicated premises or a mutually agreed meeting place. boas has expertise in working outdoors, in harmony with nature.  

We also provide group metavision sessions for professional coaching teams and communities. Please inquire for details.