boas via coaching

Our vocational integration and alignment (via®) coaching process was created and refined through face-to-face work with business and community leaders from over sixty nations. This flexible, pragmatic model guides each boas coaching relationship. We also incorporate 360-degree and other assessment instruments, chosen to meet individual and organisational needs.

With its focus on raising self-awareness, exercising new skills and transcending limiting attitudes, via helps to reveal a sense of personal calling and integrate it within the conflicting demands of everyday life. Your coach challenges and supports you as you make tough decisions, solve complex problems and take on new leadership roles. This enhances performance and enables high achievers to find fresh joy in work.

Leadership coaching for key individuals is an effective path to organisational transformation. The coaching is most powerful in the context of an 
integrated coaching partnership™, our complete executive coaching service which combines the confidentiality and depth of one-to-one coaching with the strategic focus of team and organisational development.

The three elements of via®

1. Vocation

Your individual sense of purpose and meaning, who you are and how you dedicate your life.

Intrapersonal work - Leading Your Life.

2. Integration

Integrating your roles and relationships to complement each other and resolve conflict.

Interpersonal work - Leading People.

3. Alignment

Aligning yourself with values and purposes of the larger systems that you are working in.

Transpersonal work - Leading Change.