boas tools for transformation™

boas coaching, consulting and seminars are supported by our tools for transformation™, all of which are offered in our open programmes and customised programmes:

via® coaching

via™ coaching helps leaders to transcend limiting attitudes, clarify their strengths and values, make better decisions, and exercise leadership skills.

integrated coaching partnership (icp™)

A powerful, holistic process that integrates confidential executive coaching with senior team development and strategic feedback. This supports effective change management and organisational evolution.


Ensure the relevance, quality and cost-effectiveness of your executive coaching programme, so you can use multiple coaching providers with confidence that individual and organisational aims are aligned.

elemental leadership™

Draws on four symbolic elements - air, earth, fire and water - to awaken the full range of leadership qualities, supporting a balance of leadership strengths.

transcultural competence™

Provides a clear framework for leading effectively across cultural boundaries, identifying hidden obstacles and enabling diverse people to accomplish common goals.


Enable optimal creativity for the organisation’s strategic aims, giving a new measure of control over innovation and rapid change.


Supports a culture of passion for learning, in which tacit knowledge and intuitive skills are articulated and shared.


A step-by-step guide to negotiation, which balances short term success with long term objectives, and creates a cycle of continuous learning-by-doing.


A dynamic, holistic approach to personal and professional development that refines and deepens leadership skills. It invites each participant to connect with self, other and the wider community. The spirit of LIFEdance! is summed up in its motto… ‘Live your dance, Dance your Life!’

We incorporate our client’s in-house leadership models and feedback tools, and a wide range of proprietary instruments, including Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, FIRO-B, Benchmarks, CPI, and many others.