elemental leadership™ workshop

elemental leadership™ draws on four elements to awaken the full range of leadership qualities, supporting a balance of leadership strengths. This workshop allows you to draw out your clients’ tacit knowledge and to recognise their leadership strengths.

Participants awaken to their full range of leadership qualities and bring neglected skills back to life.  Using original techniques for personal discovery, it draws on four symbolic elements - air, earth, fire and water - to balance vision with pragmatism, dynamism with receptivity.  Practical work and peer coaching ensure the link to the everyday challenges of the workplace.  Participants emerge with renewed vigour, enhanced empathy, broader vision and deeper commitment.


  • Using natural symbols to understand and grow your leadership strengths
  • Bringing neglected skills back to life and creating new opportunities
  • Moving from professional specialisation to effective people management
  • Finding renewed vigour, enhanced empathy, broader vision and deeper commitment
  • Tapping the power of differing leadership styles with a team

Suitable for

All senior staff in public and voluntary sector organisations, educational institutions and professional associations.


Laura Mayer