boas professional coach certification™

boas pcc™ is our advanced development programme for professional coaches and leaders who coach. As an experienced coach, seeking a recognised qualification and ready for transformational learning and growth, the boas pcc may be your next step.

General programme vision and goals

There has been an explosion of interest in coaching as a proven means of leadership development. In this growing and unregulated market, advanced training, certification and supervision can ensure your credibility, professionalism, and depth and breadth of experience.

Our programme encourages excellence in the coaching profession by supporting each coach’s engagement with self, other and community and the deepening and refinement of coaching skills. In order to be a trustworthy guide and companion on a client’s life journey, a coach needs much more than effective techniques or specialist knowledge.

Courage, compassion, clarity and calm are essential qualities of the professional coach or leader, and are needed in equal measure. We cultivate all of these. 

The goal of this programme is to create and nurture a community of world class coaches who embody the ethos and spirit of boas’ via® coaching, who demonstrate the highest standards of the coaching core competences as defined by the ICF, who bring their own unique strengths and style to their work whilst holding each other accountable to professional standards, and whose own vocation, integration and alignment allows them to keep growing and learning through their transformational work in this complex and changing world.

Our learning pathway is also open to leaders who take a coaching approach and have a genuine commitment to co-creative conversation. Joining the boas professional coach certification is much more than gaining knowledge, skills and experience. It is a transformational journey of growth, beyond technique... 

Coaching approach

We view coaching as a co-creative dialogue between coach and coachee; this is reflected in the programme design.

Combining faculty-led sessions with peer group action learning, the programme draws on a wide range of disciplines, including humanistic psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, organizational behaviour and artistic inquiry. Coaching engages the whole human being, so as a coach you need to bring your whole self to the process. The programme encourages you to discover, identify and engage your inner resources and to integrate this holistic approach into your coaching practice.

You will learn to apply the boas via® (vocation integration and alignment) model as a guide in all of your coaching dialogues. The focus of via is on raising self awareness, exercising new skills and transcending limiting attitudes. via coaches support and challenge leaders to define their own life work, integrate their different roles and relationships and align their personal goals with those of their colleagues, their organization, and the wider community.

Learning goals

Each module explores essential themes in leadership coaching, including coaching across cultures, non-verbal communication, the use of coaching in team and organizational development and integration of physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual levels of leadership.

Through your participation in the programme you will:

  • Strengthen professional expertise and credibility through an in-depth knowledge of the via coaching model
  • Identify and refine your own coaching style and preferences
  • Explore and integrate intellectual, artistic and intuitive learning styles
  • Increase your skills in each of the coaching core competencies as defined by the ICF (generic skills applicable to a wide range of coaching contexts)
  • Gain specific expertise in movement observation, somatic awareness, and the engagement of the thinking body
  • Gain insight and skill in working with cultural diversity and complexity
  • Understand how coaching can support organizational cultural change and the co-creation of coaching-based leadership
  • Discover innovative approaches to coaching outdoors in harmony with nature
  • Enhance your self-confidence and market awareness
  • Develop skills in networking and reciprocal learning with peers 

To ensure high quality, this advanced development programme for experienced professionals includes initial assessment, ongoing review and final assessment and certification.

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