via™ coaching: An introduction to business leaders

This article presents and illustrates the via™ coaching model developed by Sara Boas. The via™ tool for transformation is used by professional executive coaches in diverse organisations worldwide, ranging from the British Council to British Petroleum, including Baxter Healthcare, BMW, Cisco Systems, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, Euroclear, the European Commission, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Glaxo Smithkline, the UK Cabinet Office, the United Nations, the Walt Disney Company, the World Bank and many more. The author discusses the critical question you face as a leader today, introduces executive coaching as a way to respond to this question, explains how via™ coaching guides you through the stages of your response, and suggests that the current crisis offers you an opportunity to grow as a leader.

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The Body of Culture: Transcultural competence in Dance Movement Therapy

This commissioned book chapter presents a framework for understanding the knowledge, skills and attitudes that support effective and ethical working practice across cultural boundaries. It is written for the professional therapist and provides a detailed insight to the research basis of the boas transcultural competence™ model, together with its application in daily work. The chapter is used as a key reference by professionals working in international and multicultural settings.

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Permanent Discovery or Collective Caprice?

Optimising the Learning Organisation. Journal of General Management, 23, 1-18.

This article from the Journal of General Management was first published in 1997 and was a key contribution to the field of organisational development. Having formed the basis for strategic transformation in several large organisations around the world, the prime™ model continues to inform the thinking of senior management, by showing how management decisions should be contingent on the precise outcomes to be achieved. The model provides clear, generic guidelines for optimising organisational learning according to the task at hand and provides a tool for the management of diversity as an organisational asset.article shows how organisational creativity can be optimised using the prime™ model developed by Sara Boas.

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Elemental Leadership

This article presents and illustrates the Elemental Leadership™ model developed by Sara Boas. Elemental Leadership is an approach to leadership development which connects us with our common humanity and our unity with nature. Drawing on the qualities of the elements – earth, air, fire and water – it enables participants to discover their core strengths and to reawaken neglected powers and sensitivities. This supports balanced leadership, which in turn fosters personal well being, vibrant team spirit, and sustainable work-life communities. The balanced leader embodies the clarity and vision of air, the passion and commitment of fire, the receptivity and adaptability of water, and the earthy pragmatism to make dreams into reality.

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Embody Your Leadership Message

This article presents and illustrates how everyone reads body language and makes meaning of what he/she perceives. This works both consciously and unconsciously and has an impact on leadership at three levels: individual, team and organisational. Every organisation has its own culture, which defines what is acceptable or not, its own unconscious norms of embodiment. The article demonstrates how, when the leadership message is not embodied in a congruent way, certain leaders can be perceived as inauthentic. Authenticity is stimulated by healthy self-questioning that helps to nurture a credible leadership culture and congruent message.

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